Cathodes & Anodes

1. Plated Anodes- These anodes are suitable for almost all purpose. With steel welding strips for general use.






2. Shaft Ball Anodes- The Ball Anodes are usually fitted on the free shaft, between the shaft bracket and the stern Tube.






3. Shaft Ring Anodes- Ring Anodes are to be fitted on the shaft against the propeller hub.







4. Shaft Nut Anodes- Cathodic protection by zinc anodes is essential to all the metal parts of any vessel which remain below the waterline. The Sole Diesel anodes are placed at the end of the shaft line and are manufactured with the highest standards. They are aerodynamic and fit perfectly at the shaft.







5. Rudder Anodes- The shape of these anodes reduces the resistance in the water to a minimum. This makes this anodes very suitable for rudder blades and for hull application on fast going vessel.









Ring Anode







Plated Anode