Material : Manganese Bronze / Ni Al Bronze

We are one of the major propeller manufacturer with an in house capacity to design and manufacture.

Manganese bronze

NiAlBrnz propeller

Standard propellers

Highly skewed propellers


Aqua thrusters

We are also an expert in handling various ISO tolerances propellers. Our propellers are designed by our expert design team using hydrocomp software.

4 Blade propeller

5 Blade propeller

6 Blade propeller

Various size propeller

Propeller at factory

Stern Gears Assembly

Material : SS304L / SS 316L

We have an in house capacity to manufacture..

Bronze eater lubricated stern gear assemblies which includes various series of SS and Duplex grades shafts recommended for fishing boats and pleasure crafts.

Mild steel water and oil lubricated stern gear assemblies consisting of Aft and FWD mild steel bosses welded on seamless pipe inserted with Gunmetal rubberized glands and various series of SS and Duplex grades shafts.


Material : SS 316 / Mild Steel

We manufacture

Bronze casted rudder assembly

Single plated fabricated rudder assemblies in MS and SS series

Volumetric rudders to specifications

‘P’ and ‘V’ brackets

Material : SS 304/SS 316/Aluminum Alloy

We manufacture bronze customized ‘P’ and ‘V’ brackets to CUSTON = MERS specifications fitted with Netrile Brass Bush.

‘A’ bracket (facbricated)

We manufacture ‘A’ bracket assemblies using Mild steel boss fitted with Gunmetal gland inserted with netrile rubber bush. This boss is welded to graded MS plates to form arms.
Cutlass Bush (Metallic and non-metallic shells)

Material : Bronze / Mild Steel

We manufacture NB cutlass bushes for various applications like sterngear, rudder stock, P bracket and V brackets . Netrile rudder used in the shell gives bearing a high resistance to abrasion and wear.

Material : Brass / Phenolic

We manufacture Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium anodes of various sizes and types as per requirement and applications.

Kort Nozzle

As per customer specification.

Anchors (Fabricated and casted)

Material : SS 304 / Mild Steel

We manufacture SS316 grade claw anchors and AC 14 type anchors.

Brass Water Strainer

We manufacture Brass water Strainers which are used in hull of the boat where water inlet is required for cooling marine engines and other water applications. They help to prevent unwanted material from entering inside the water cooling system.

Tail Shaft

We manufacture Tail shaft assemblies consisting of MB/SS propeller nut, MS/SS coupling nut and Brass/SS keys fitted on to various series of SS and Duplex grades of shafts to be used with the Stern gear Assembly.

Intermediate Shaft

In addition to Tail Shaft we also manufacture Intermediate shafts in MS and SS grades.


Couplings are integral part of the Stern gear assembly which connects the Tail shaft to the Intermediate shaft and gearbox flange. We manufacture couplings in MS and SS grades.

Casted Rudder

We manufacture Casted rudders in Manganese Bronze & NiAlBnz grades to customer’s specifications.


We manufacture Guffis used for fishing trawlers to be used for rope pulleys and rollers in SS material according to customer’s requirement.